New Idea?

 Hiya Jammers as you have noticed the blog has pretty much gone extinct.  It was to much work to keep it up so i have taken away a lot of the parts of the blog. From this point on the blog will be focused on what jammers enjoy wearing and what rare items are “in” right now.  

  Hope you guys like my new take on the blog

  Happy jamming


Member Lock Mishap

Hi Jammers.  Just a quick post today since the update

there have been small glitches in animal jam.


Member locks appeared on the non-member mats.  

  Hopefully AJHQ will fix this before non-members get upset.

  On an unrelated note since the underwater Best Dressed came, 

AJHQ has moved Eat ’em Up to the bottom of Crystal Reef.

                   See you in Jamaa

Woven Basket and Snake Mat

        Todays new item is the woven basket which you can purchase

         at Claws ‘n Paws in Appondale.


            It looks like a perfect place for your hamster to store

               food in or your kitten to claw at.

             Also sold at Claws ‘n Paws is the new snake mat which comes in a

veriety of different colors to fit the spirit of your den.


Sorry for the short post jammers.

                            Happy Jamming

Quicksand glitch

Hey jammers, tons of glitches have happened since the update yesterday.

While I was at some parties, some Jammers sunk into the floor as if it was quicksand.


Here is a picture from the wolves only party.  It only seems to happen near the lava.


This gitch seemes to happen in remote locations and only seems to effect certain jammers.


 Sorry for the short post, AJ is on a major update

because a pack of Phantoms has entered Jamaa.


 See you in Jamaa

Update Jamaa Journal

Hi jammers, today was the update and there is tons of new things to do in Jamaa.

 Here is the Jamaa journal-



 A new den item contest for a new ocean den item is happening, so send in those

 great ideas of yours for all of Jamaa to see.


 AJHQ is also trying to make rare items more popular, but 

even if something is called rare doesn’t mean it is rare.  

 Comment on what you think of rare item mondays


A new party has arrived. It’s called the Cruise Ship Party. I will post about it later.

Heres the page from the Jamaa journal about the party.


 Tons of smart Jammers like you found out in the last Jamaa Journal

 that the secret letters spelled giraffe. Unfortunately Giraffes were not released this update but will be on the update to follow.


Thats all.

Happy jamming


Glitchy Best Dressed

Hey Jammers, since both of the Best Dressed came out there have been weird glitches happening.  Check out some these photos-

         Image       Image

Double layer jammers, something odd is happening

          Image      Image

            A tiger in underwater Best Dressed?

            What do you think about this glitch?

Thats all for today jammers 

New Best Dressed

 Hey Jammers, AJ HQ has created a new version of best dressed.  

  It is located above Bahari Bargains and is full of aquatic clothes for your animal to dress in


Appondale Journey Book

  A new journey book came out. It’s the Appondale journey book and there are lots of new animals to find.

                                               SPOILER ALERT: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK


Image        Image

Image         Image  Image  

                         Black Mamba                                                                          Guinea Fowl          Cockroach
Image        Image          Image        
  Golden Mole               Weaver Bird                        Rock Hyrax
Image               Image            Image
       Meerkat                                                                Warthog                                           Zebra

                                                                    Prize: Acacia Pet Tree

Fun Items and Misplaced Places

 Hi Jammers.

 After tons of great entries to the Den Item Contest, the winning item has come. It’s called CleverClaws Dresser and you can buy it at Jam-Mart Furniture and i have to say it is one of the most uplifting den items i have seen.

Thank you Miss CleverClaw


  More thing s have come to the Spooky Party. They now sell the Ghost Window at the den item sale   


 And there as a secret that AJ HQ put in. If you click the bat on the wallpaper a pet finder will show up and you will be able to create your very own pet bat.


                                           Do you see it? It is above the top candle of the candle stick


                                      More on the Spooky Party there is a new Skyway. I will post about it later

                                                                    Happy Jamming

New Pet Items And Mystery Room

Heyo Jammers!

 Just thought i would post some new items coming to Jamaa

here they are-

 New in the Pet Store we have a Ducky Crossing sign and the patch of Grass with Worms.

  The Ducky Sign will be great for all those jammers who have ducks, this sign will keep them safe from being trampled

Image      Image

I’m not sure what pet would use the GrassWith Worms.  Comment if you have any ideas

  Also Jammers, it turns out that the room with tape over it is now an underwater version of Best Dressed.  Amazingly it has been there for a since August, wonder why AJ HQ took so long to make it.

Imagesorry for the photo, AJ is on an update right now so i can’t get another picture.

         Happy Jamming

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